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As the founder of JABBA FINE FOODS I am very proud of the accomplishments and what we have become. Customer service and Quality Products are our highest mission.

We looking forward to continuing to provide excellent service to our wonderful clients.

Jochen Morczinczyk


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"Check out our Chef Selects".

These recipes are selected by Chef Jochen himself.

Before you eat take a picture of your completed Dish and post it on Facebook with the #JABBADISH for the chance to be featured on our website.

 JABBA FINE FOODS remains engulfed in the latest hottest food trends. And we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the healthiest and most tasty food options anywhere. All JABBA FINE FOODS products undergo the most intense quality checks before being presented to our customers.


JABBA FINE FOODS is currently introducing fresh new products into the Online Market which our very own , 

Amazon, Ebay as well as Groupon.